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Irritant Dermatitis

About The The recent advent of non-invasive skin bioengineering technology has accelerated dermatology research in this field.

This book comprises an exhaustive reference text on irritant contact dermatitis, covering all aspects of the condition: clinical features, epidemiology, prevention and therapy, prognosis, mechanisms, pathology and regulatory issues.

Books > Medicine & Public Health.


As irritant dermatitis affects multiple specialties, the audience for this book is wide, including clinical and investigative dermatologists, allergists, toxicologists, pharmaceutical scientists, occupational and environmental physicians, public health physicians, cosmetologists and skin bioengineers.

Irritant dermatitis is a common condition, accounting for a significant proportion of occupational skin disease.

The book also presents novel in vitro and in vivo research techniques and findings.

Irritant Dermatitis

Books > Medicine & Public Health

Irritant Dermatitis

Books > Medicine & Public Health

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Irritant Dermatitis
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